STUV 21 Wood Fireplace Series

The Stuv 21 wood burning fireplace comes in 7 different configurations; 4 one-sided, and 3 see-thru. You won’t have a problem finding one that suits your needs. Finishing front panels are also available, for spaces that don’t meet depth requirements; which means this wood burning series is designed to solve space issues.

Emissions Standards

EPA Exempt

2185 DF (see-thru)

59″H x 39 11/16″W x 25 3/4″D

2195 SF

63 3/8″H x 43 5/8″W x 27 7/8″D

2195 DF (see-thru)

63 3/8″H x 43 5/8″W x 27 7/8″D

21105 SF

56 1/16″H x 47 9/16″W x 24 1/4″D

21125 SF

59″H x 55 7/16″W x 26 7/8″D

21125 DF (see-thru)

59″H x 55 7/16″W x 26 7/8″D

Retractable glass doors for an open or closed fire, See-thru or single-sided, Mechanism easily accessible on glass door, which tilts for access, Convection system and insulation, 7 models/sizes to fit your space, Finishing front panels are available, Cladding is available

stuv_thin-edge-frame stuv_sf4-frame stuv_picture-type-frame
Thin Edge SF 4 Picture-Type