16 Cube & H Wood Stove

Available with or without a place to store your logs, the Stuv 16 comes in 3 sizes of each model to better suit your needs.

The large viewing area won’t be obscured by any unnecessary trim, or handles, so you can enjoy the flames of your mesmerizing wood stove.

Cube prices starting at: $4,895
H prices starting at: $5,785

Particle Emissions

1658 1.4g/hr, 1668 2.3g/hr, 1678 3.1g/hr

Emission Standards

1658 EPA NSPS Phase 2, 1668 1678 EPA NSPS Phase 1

Dimensions (w/o base)

24 5/8″H x 18″D
1658 23″W, 1668 27″W, 1678 31″W

Dimensions (w/base)

40″H x 18″D
1658 23″W, 1668 27″W, 1678 31″W

Large viewing area, 2 models (3 sizes each) to choose from