VALOR Legend G4 Series Fireplace Insert

Introducing the Legend G4 gas fireplace insert, the latest addition to the Valor insert family. Considered the ‘big brother’ to the highly successful Legend insert series, the G4 is the synthesis of distinct design and efficient, radiant heating performance.


780KN 6,500-28,000/hr, 785KLN 17,500-30,000/hr, 785YN 15,000-28,000/hr


780KP 13,000-28,000/hr, 785KLP 13,000-28,000/hr, 785YP 13,000-28,000/hr

Heating Area

Up to 2,000 sq.ft

EnerGuide NG

780KN 70.02%, 785KLN 70%, 785YN 70.02%

EnerGuide LPG

780KP 70.02%, 785KLP 70%, 785YP 70.05%

Glass Area

28″W x 18″H

VDR (Valor Dynamic Restrictor) – Engineered to automatically adjust secondary combustion air within the fireplace, our brand new VDR Technology increases thermal efficiencies and radiant heat output, Radiant Heat, Heats without electricity – will work in power outages

Valor_G4-ceramic-logset Valor_rocks-wood Valor_logs Valor_Legend-driftwood
Ceramic Logs Rocks Traditional Logs Driftwood
Valor_Legend-murano-glass Valor_Legend-decorative-glass
Murano Glass Reflective Glass
Valor_ledgestone-liner Valor_brickliner Valor_blackflutedliner Valor_Legend-reflective-glass-liner
Ledgestone Brick Black Fluted Reflective Black
Valor_G4-3sided-vint-iron Valor_G4-square-vint-iron Valor_G4-vintage-iron-5inch Valor_G4-vintiron-21_2inch
3 sided Vintage Iron Vintage Iron 5" Vintage Iron 2" Vintage Iron
Valor_G4-bronze-5inch Valor_G4-square-black valor_g-hammered-silver-surround valor_g-hammered-copper-surround
5" Bronze Black Hammered Vintage Iron Hammered Copper