VALOR Madrona M1 Gas Stove

As dramatic and rugged as the North American Pacific coastal tree that it is named after, the Madrona M1 gas fireplace stove is a magnificent sight.

The Madrona M1 combines the look and feel of a wood-burning stove with our latest in gas burning technology.
A  large arched viewing area makes a perfect frame for capturing a natural-looking, captivating fire. The beautifully designed cast iron body is sure to make a bold statement in any room of your home. Heat your summer cottage, family room or cold basement with warm, radiant heat.
A large square viewing area is also available for a more contemporary look.

In addition to the clean lines and cast iron craftsmanship you will appreciate the convenience, energy savings and impressive radiant heating of your home. Advanced sealed combustion and direct vent technology makes the Madrona M1 the best in efficiency and safety.

Timeless, durable, and efficient – the Madrona M1 is sure to enhance and warm your living space.







Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control, Automatic flame height adjustment, Natural Gas Burner (LP Convertible), User Friendly Operation, No Standing Pilot Necessary, No Electricity Required, Fantastic Fire View – A large stove with a big, clear window, New burner (Legend G3 style), Propane performance increased, New log set design