MARQUIS Bola Firebowl

The Bola Firebowl is a great contemporary addition to your outdoor living space. It features multiple glass media options to choose from, or if you prefer, a stone set or lava rock set. This beautiful unit is suited best for outdoor patios or wooden decks and requires 24″ clearances to wall and at least 7′ for ceilings, which goes to show the power of the firebowl flame for your outdoor heating enjoyment.

Prices starting at: $2020

BTU Input



14″H x 30″Ø

Materials are Concrete, Can be used on a wood deck

Marquis_stones Marquis_clear-glass Marquis_bronze-glass Marquis_black-glass Marquis_cobalt-glass
Stones White Glass Bronze Glass Black Glass Cobalt Glass
Marquis_smooth-grey-bowl Marquis_black-bowl
Smooth Grey Black
Marquis_Bola-grey-cover Marquis_Bola-black-cover
Grey Black