VALOR Legend G3 DV Fireplace

Legend G3 Insert named for its third generation of Valor Legend inserts. First it was the Legend in 1991, then the Legend Ultra in 1996 and now the G3. Since then the Legend has been consistently the best selling Valor fireplace in North America, and the G3 is set to carry on that heritage.

The G3 is a versatile insert; offering design capabilities from the most elegant traditional to the modern contemporary.





Heating Area

Up to 1,000 sq.ft


NG 66.4%, LPG 63.3%

Glass Area

26.125″W x 12.125″H

Programmable remote system – cruise control for your fireplace, Modulating fire turns down an incredible 73% for steady even heat, Heats without electricity – operates during a power outage, Primary and secondary heat exchangers – heats without the need for a fan, Conventional vent installs with a single 3″ liner, Direct vent uses 2 – 3″ liners and draws all combustion air from outdoors, 6 Piece ceramic log set, Unique Valor flame burner technology produces exception radiant glow and realistic dancing flames, Ceramic glass window, Authentic looking firebrick liners, Fronts and trims finished in high temperature powder coat paint, Aluminized firebox and stainless steel burners for long life, Limited lifetime warranty program

Valor_rocks-wood Valor_logs
Rocks Traditional Logs Driftwood Logs
Valor_blackflutedliner Valor_brickliner
Black Fluted Brick Reflective Glass
Valor_G3-ventana-fret Valor_G3-traditional-fret Valor_G3-contemporary-iron-fret Valor_G3-contemporary-black-fret Valor_G3-clear-view-fret
Ventana Fret Traditional Fret Contemporary Iron Contemporary Black Clear View
Valor_G3-cast-iron-front-black Valor_G3-4-sided-brushed-nickel-surround Valor_G3-4-sided-bronze-surround Valor_G3-4-sided-black-surround
Cast Iron Brushed Nickel Bronze Black