VALOR Legend G3.5 Fireplace

A part of the Legend family, the Legend G3.5 gas fireplace insert exudes radiance, warmth, and makes the perfect addition to any room. With plenty of media and liner options to choose from, the G3.5 come in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Clean trim and a large viewing area highlight the inviting flames.


700MN 13,000-26,000/hr, 700XN 13,000-24,000/hr


700MP 11,000-26,000/hr, 700XP 13,000-24,000/hr

Heating Area

Up to 1,500 sq.ft


700M 70%, 700X 70.04%

Glass Area

23.625″W x 15″H

VDR – Valor Dynamic Restrictor:  increases thermal efficiencies and thermal output, Radiant Heat – maximum radiant heat output with up to 25% less overall energy compared to forced air systems, Contemporary steel trim – eliminates need for louvers and creates seamless flow into surrounding walls, No Power No Problem – functions without electricity, combination of radiant and convective heat eliminates need for a noisy fan, Wall Mount Switch – easily turn on and off your fireplace with a switch

Valor_logs Valor_Legend-murano-glass Valor_Legend-driftwood
Birch Logs Traditional Logs Murano Glass Driftwood
Valor_ledgestone-liner Valor_brickliner Valor_blackflutedliner Valor_Legend-reflective-glass-liner
Ledgestone Brick Black Fluted Black Reflective
Valor_G35-black-trim Valor_G35-bronze-trim Valor_G35-brushed-nickel Valor_G35-vintage-iron
Black Bronze Brushed Nickel Vintage
valor_g-hammered-silver-surround valor_g-hammered-copper-surround
Hammered Vintage Iron Hammered Copper