RH PETERSON Rugged Split Oak Log Set

The Rugged Split Oak is an attractive show-piece, it features an intricate design to emulate a real log set. Advance technology from Peterson Real-Fyre includes ceramic design to keep these logs looking, and performing great. Available in 18″, 24″ or 30″.


18″ 4,0000/hr, 24″ 55,000/hr, 30″ 65,000/hr


18″ 4,0000/hr, 24″ 55,000/hr, 30″ 65,000/hr


Reduced gas usage, saving on fuel costs, Ribbon burner technology providing full flames and dramatic glowing embers, Remote ready, Switch control options

Real-Fyre Gas Logs are made of superior refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder. This combination of materials, pre-fired in a rotary kiln, provides:


Lower Iron Content – Other materials have more iron. Iron turns to iron oxide and changes the colour of logs

Steel Reinforcing Rods – Assuring the integrity of Real- Fyre Gas Logs, precisely sized and designed steel rods are inserted into each log. This provides maximum reinforcement and prevents breakage