EcoSmart XS340 Fire Burner

The XS340 is the smallest burner in the Ecosmart range. A scaled back version of the XL Burner, the EcoSmart XS340 provides the ideal solution for tailor-made installations where space is at a premium. But don’t be fooled by its size, the XS340 holds 2.5 litres of bioethanol and burns for up to six hours.

Like all of the EcoSmart burners, the XS340 operates under all conditions and temperatures.

Volume Capacity

2.5 Litres

Heating Area

215 sq.ft

Thermal Output

8,530 BTU/hr

Approx Burn Time

5.5 hours


3.4″H x 13.4″W x 7.5″D

A designated, inbuilt filling point and volume markings to decrease the likelihood of overfilling.

Operational accessories designed for safe and ergonomic fire ignition and extinguishing.

‘Flip lid’ shut off system fits perfectly across the ignition zone to
extinguish the flame each and every time.

Included accessories: 5 Litre Jerry Can, Lighter & Lighting Rod, and Operations manual.