EcoSmart XL Fire Burner Series

Elongating a naked flame may seem straightforward, but when you consider the way stainless steel contracts and expands at various temperatures, it’s quite complex. EcoSmart has solved this challenge in the XL Burner series.

This series can be installed for indoor or outdoor use, consistently working under any conditions and temperatures. The XL Burner Series creates the perfect modern atmosphere for all your design ideas.

Volume Capacity

XL 900 9 Litres, XL 700 7 Litres, XL 500 5 Litres

Heating Area

XL 900 646 sq.ft, XL 700 538 sq.ft, XL 500 431 sq.ft

Thermal Output

XL 900 15,000 BTU/hr, XL 700 13,650 BTU/hr, XL 500 11,430 BTU/hr

Approx Burn Time

XL 900 11 hours, XL 700 10 hours, XL 500 9.5 hours

A reliable and safe extinguishing system courtesy of a special shut off mechanism and precision measurements.

Purpose designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate and further stabilizes the flame at the same time as increasing fuel efficiency of the burner.

Custom designed extension lighting rod and gliding swivel ring that allows you to open the burner and extinguish the flame.

A deep-draw fabrication process eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks.

Accessories included: 5 Litre Jerry Can, Lighter & Lighting Rod, and Operations manual