EcoSmart BK Fire Burner Series

The BK Burner Series is the EcoSmart best seller. It has won the 2004 Winner Design Mark Australian International Design Awards Sydney (AUS).

This sophisticated burner design is the most independently tested of the range and has special safety features that eliminate many of the hazards common with most other brands on the market. The BK Series contains a number of unique design elements. It is the core product of the EcoSmart Fire and can be installed into any setting that complies with the EcoSmart Compulsory Specifications.

Volume Capacity

BK5 5 Litres, BK2UL 2 Litres

Heating Area

BK5 377 sq.ft, BK2UL 269 sq.ft

Thermal Output - BTU

BK5 13,000/hr, BK2UL 9,750/hr

Approx Burn Time

BK5 7 hours, BK2UL 4 hours

A separate filling point and jerry can equipped with a no spill dangerous goods spout allows the burner to be re-fuelled safely and easily.

An additional safety measure that prevents the filling point from being accessed while the slider is open; ensuring that the flame is fully extinguished before the burner can be re-fuelled.

Easy flame control that allows you to regulate the amount of heat being generated, and therefore the amount of fuel consumed.

A deep-draw fabrication process that eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks, while the standard provision of a twin skin to hold the burner adds further peace of mind.

Included accessories: 5 Litre Jerry Can, Lighter & Lighting Rod, Operational manual, Top Tray