Solaira Heaters

During these cool summer evenings, why bring the party inside when you can stay outside and enjoy the socializing long after the sun sets?

Imagine instant heat within seconds while you are in your garden, on your patio, hanging out in the backyard or in your gazebo. Solaira is a compact all-season quartz heater for outdoor living and entertaining.

The Solaira outdoor heater tucks nicely under an umbrella or awning. If an average-sized patio table accommodates six chairs, a Solaira heater’s range fully extends beyond this radius up to nine meters away. Solaira heaters are weatherproofed for full outdoor use while having sturdy safety glass. They are odourless, reliable, and efficient with a low operating investment of approximately 11 cents per hour and an output of 1.2 Kw.

Solaira Quartz Electric Infrared heaters utilize the latest in PHILIPS tm HeLeN quartz infrared technology that provides a new, unique means of instant and directional radiant heat in an economical, efficient and effective way.