Outdoor Fire Pit Table at Casino – Custom Case Study

VGF has designed and installed many custom projects over the years, indoor, outdoor, large, and small. Here you’ll find a collection a few favourite projects, some straight-forward, some filled with challenges, and others that are just plain ‘ole fun. We put them together to form the Vancouver Gas Fireplaces Custom Case Studies.


Imagine turning an outdoor table into a fireplace. The designer of a casino in Richmond, BC conceived this very idea. Three tables were to be placed in an outdoor patio area, each closed in on one side with an over-sized seven-foot see-through fireplace (also designed and provided by Vancouver Gas Fireplaces for this project). The combination of fire pit burners and tiled tables became a marriage of custom design tables and off-the-shelf product, creating a warm relaxing atmosphere for casino patrons taking a break from the action inside.

When initially presented with the concept, the main issue we identified was coming up with a burner that would create a flame pattern through the bed of lava rock.
A creation which could stand up to the elements, provide a reliable ignition system that would be used by a number of untrained people, and have the ability to be safely installed into the middle of a raised structure. At that point, we felt the only option was to design and fabricate custom burners, a route that was approached with caution, as the variables for testing custom burners in exterior setups can be tricky.

After further research, we found an adaptable exterior burner system made by RH Peterson. Unlike other off-the-shelf fire pit burners on the market which tend to be on the small size for this type of application, the Peterson burner is quite large (27″ or 34″ diameter). Its valve system is built right into the base, is accessible through an access door, and was set up to be gas fit right into the pit. Most other burners are set up like BBQs with flexible connecting hoses and are basically portable in nature. Another advantage to the Peterson burner, if used in its basic form, is that the burner is completely set into a steel base that can then be cleanly set into whatever you are building around it, as long as the non-combustible clearances are maintained.

The patio tables themselves had to be designed to be completely non-combustible. They were to be delivered to the site with the burners already installed, after which a tile finish was to be applied on-site. To achieve this, we designed a completely welded steel frame sub structure for the tables, using cold rolled steel for the outer round edge of the table. The burners were set into the centre of the table, being careful to align the table structure and the burners for access to the valve and the gas connection. The tables were then clad with hardy board and delivered to the site, where they were lowered down into place. This required using high hanging slings to lift the tables into position and lower them over the roughed-in gas lines onto a prepared cement pad.

The designer chose an appropriate tile that would stand up to the wear and tear of a public space along with being exposed to the elements. This was installed on-site, finishing off the job in an attractive manner and ultimately fulfilling this unique vision for the casino patrons to enjoy.

Thinking about a custom fireplace?

Thinking about a custom fireplace?

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