Why Should I Choose a Gas Log/Stone Set?

Why Should I Choose a Gas Log/Stone Set?

When you have a wood masonry fireplace, making the decision to upgrade is hard, and then there’s the question of HOW you should upgrade.

We’re taking a look at when you should choose a burner rather than an insert.

Burners come in all forms:

  • Gas log sets
    1. Birch
    2. Oak
    3. Charred Oak
  • Stones and Rocks
    1. Multi Coloured Stones
    2. White Stones
    3. Grey Stones
  • Shapes
    1. Spheres in different sizes
    2. Geometric shapes

Or, you can choose to combine any of the above.

Gas burners are not meant for a lot of radiant heat, because they’re installed into pre-existing masonry fireplaces or metal fireboxes, there’s no technology keeping the heat from escaping up the chimney.

If you’re not concerned with heating, you love the look of your current fireplace but want to update it, then a burner is probably the right option for you.

Check out our Log Sets and Stones and Shapes.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

This old wood burning masonry fireplace was converted into a contemporary space by adding a sand pan burner, and some paint.

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