WITTUS Shaker Wood Stove

The Shaker wood stove from Wittus features a unique design we feel will look simply amazing in Metro Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler homes. The body consist of black steel with your options of a short bench, or longer bench.

The stove comes in two pieces, so you can decide where on the bench you’d like the stove to rest. The bench will warm, and it’s up to homeowner’s discretion concerning placing objects on the bench when the fireplace is in use. As an added bonus: your cat will love this stove!

Prices starting at: $7,116

Cord Wood Output

23,000 BTU/hr

Heating Area

up to 1,300sq.ft

Emission Particulate Rate

3.9 grams/hr

Firebox Dimensions

14″H x 16″W x 13″D

Long Bench


Short Bench


Black steel, Two sizes – long bench or short bench, Top or rear vent, Left or right side loading door