WITTUS Cosmo Wood Stove

The Cosmo series of wood stoves feature a variety of finishing options and shapes, including base options – all feature the same size firebox and have 81% efficiency.

The DuplicAir system integrates the control of air supply needed for lighting and combustion. The neutral wood burning system gives off the same amount of CO2 as when trees are left to decay in the forest.

Prices starting at: $5,360

Cord Wood Output

27,000 BTU/hr

Heating Area

up to 1,300sq.ft

Emission Particulate Rate

3.9 grams/hr

Firebox Dimensions

17″H x 15″W x 13″D

Cool handle, Air wash system, 81% efficiency, Multiple shapes and sizes – all have the same size firebox, DuplicAir system