SUPERIOR WRT 4500 Fireplace

Featuring a 30″ tall opening on all units, the WRT 4500 series is a great example of a grand, clean face wood-burning fireplace. The units come fully-insulated for high performance during the colder months, and requires 12″ venting. The ash dump is conveniently hidden, but easy to access.

Prices Starting at:
WRT 4536 $2,283
WRT 4542 $2,512
WRT 4550 $2,970

WRT 4536 Dimensions

67 1/8″H x 45 1/4″W x 28 1/4″D

WRT 4542 Dimensions

67 1/8″H x 51 1/4″W x 30 1/8″D

WRT 4550 Dimensions

67 1/8″H x 59″W x 30 1/8″D

Clean face design, Hidden ash dump, Uses IHP 12DM wood burning chimney, 20 year limited warranty

Superior_white-stacked-no-grout Superior_white-herringbone-no-grout Superior_warm-red-stacked-dark Superior_warm-red-herringbone-dark
White Stacked White Herringbone Red Stacked Red Herringbone
Superior_glass Superior_glass-colours Superior_curved-nook Superior_linear-nook
Glass Door Colour Options Curved Nook Linear Nook