LOPI Republic 1250 Wood Stove

The Republic 1250 is a fantastic, efficient, low-maintenance heater. It features a simple aesthetically appealing design, with an easy-to-load 1.6cu.ft firebox that will fit fire logs up to 18″ long.

If you’re looking for a basic, yet highly efficient, home heater, you have found it with the Lopi Republic 1250.

Please note: the final height of the unit will depend on whether legs or pedestal are chosen.

Prices starting at: $1,677

Cord Wood Output

66,800 BTU/hour

Firebox Size


Heating Area

Up to 1,200 sq.ft



Max. Burn Time

8 hours


26 1/2 to 30 5/8″H x 23 5/8″W x 14 5/8″D

Ceramic brick lined firebox, Heavy-duty steel construction, Radiant heat cooktop surface