LOPI Cape Code Hybrid-Fyre™ Wood Stove

Add the optional GreenStart™ Electric Igniter and make this unit the best wood stove you’ve ever seen! Equipped with Hybrid-Fyre™ technology, the Cape Cod is a large, efficient heater. It can heat up to 2,500sq.ft and maintain 80% efficiency.

The Cape Cod wood stove is made from cast iron, and is equipped with a large fire-viewing area.

Prices starting at: $4,949

Cord Wood Output

86,000 BTU/hr

Firebox Size


Heating Area

Up to 2,500 sq.ft



Max. Burn Time

12 hours


35″H x 32 1/4″W x 21 3/4″D

Hybrid-Fyre™ technology uses less wood and heats for longer, Produces just .45 grams of emissiona per hour, Over 80% efficiency