HEARTHSTONE Tribute Wood Stove

The smallest of the bunch, the Tribute certainly packs a punch. With heating up to 1,000 sq.ft, you can still expect this unit to do well in a small home or large room. With the benefits of the Hearthstone technology, the Tribute is easy to care for, visually appealing, and guaranteed to provide all the amenities one would expect from a wood-burning stove.

Prices starting at: $2,469

Cord Wood Output

36,000 BTU/hr

Firebox Capacity

1.2 cu.ft

Max. Log Size


Heating Area

Up to 1,000 sq.ft




25 3/4″H x 24″W x 18″D

Compact size, Single lever stove control, Non-catalytic combustion system

Hearthstone_polished-grey-soapstone Hearthstone_matte-black Hearthstone_brown-enamel Hearthstone_seafoam-enamel
Polished Grey Soapstone Matte Black Brown Enamel Seafoam Enamel