EcoSmart Firebox 1800DB

This product is no longer available, please see the Flex Fire series.

The Firebox 1800DB is a rectangular shaped firebox. It is a stainless steel zero clearance firebox designed to accept a series of EcoSmart™ Burners.

The Firebox 1800DB features a double opening with a “see-through” effect.

The EcoSmart™ Firebox 1800DB is designed for indoor installation in units, apartments, houses, and commercial premises including offices, bars & restaurants.


36.7″H x 74.8″W x 20.2″D


The Firebox is made out of grade 304 brushed stainless steel with a horizontal finish.

It includes four (4) fixing points on the facade to accommodate the installation of a wind screen.

There is a built-in stainless steel shelf integrated as part of the firebox to accommodate three (3) EcoSmart™ Burners.

A Wind Screen Static is included with the model, this is fixed to the front of the Firebox via the four (4) fixing points on the facade. If a wind screen is not required, the model includes four (4) stainless steel plugs to hide the fixing points.

Placement and clearance allocated for three (3) EcoSmart™ Burners only.

The rear of the Firebox 1800DB features a glass panel that closes the back opening without changing the transparency of the design. This is to reinforce the safety of the design. The glass panel is a piece of 8mm [0.32in.] toughened Starfire® (low iron) glass. This type of safety glass is designed to withstand high temperature variations. The glass panel is applied directly to the stainless steel which means that the glass panel sits 8mm [0.315 in.] proud of the firebox.