Fireplace Xtrordinair 564 HO GSR2

The 564 HO fireplace features close clearances to combustibles. It achieves this by incorporating “film cooling” technology. This allows for low mantle highs and a more proportional fireplace look.

The GreenSmart system comes standard with the 564 HO and includes Comfort Control valve, the concealment door (giving the fireplace a sleek appearance), lit control panel, and interior accent light. The fireplace additionally features a second interior skylight along with the classic interior backlighting adding even more warmth to your fire.

The basic GreenSmart system in the 564 HO GSR2 allows you to run your fireplace in either standing pilot mode – where the pilot flame stays on which is ideal in really cold climates where it is important to maintain a draft, or in the electronic ignition mode (IPI), where your pilot flame goes out when you turn off your fireplace saving you gas and money.
This makes the 564 HO GSR2 one of the most “Green” fireplaces you can own.

Prices starting at: $3,860

NG BTU Input




Heating Area

up to 1,400 sq.ft


NG 64.18%, LPG 66.02%

Glass Area

30″W x 16 3/4″H


36 1/4″W x 36 1/4″H x 18 1/4″D

Three burner options to choose from 1. Dancing-Fyre 2. Diamond-Fyre 3. Ember-Fyre, GreenSmart Remote, Comfort Control

FireplaceX_dancing-fyre-logset FireplaceX_dif-stone-fyre FireplaceX_diamond-fyre-driftwood FireplaceX_ember-fyre-logset
Dancing-Fyre Logs Diamond-Fyre Stones Diamond-Fyre Driftwood Ember-Fyre Logs
FireplaceX_common-brick FireplaceX_ledgestone-fireback FireplaceX_old-wood-stucco FireplacX_diamond-mosiac FireplaceX_stainless-steel
Handmade Brick Ledgestone Old Wood Stucco Diamond Mosaic Stainless Steel
FireplaceX_red-brick FireplaceX_herringbone FireplaceX_dark-bricks FireplaceX_beige-pattern FireplaceX_beige-fluted
Red Brick Herringbone Red Brick Beige Pattern Beige Fluted
FireplaceX_black-enamel FireplaceX_painted-black
Black Enamel Painted Black
FireplaceX_studio-nickel-3-sided   FireplaceX_shadowbox-black FireplaceX_ironworks FireplaceX_grill-louver-nickel FireplaceX_grill-louver-black
Studio Nickel Shadowbox Black Ironworks Grill Louvre Nickel Grill Louvre Black
FireplaceX_metropolitan-nickel FireplaceX_metropolitan-black FireplaceX_grill FireplaceX_classic-black FireplaceX_classic-nickel
Metropolitan Nickel Metropolitan Black Grill Classic Black Classic Nickel
Artisan Patina