Napoleon LHD Fireplace Series

The LHD Vector series comes in three different sizes, and with multiple media and surround options to easily suit your needs and wants.

These fireplaces are an excellent representation of contemporary design, their sleek lines and smooth finishes gives a luxurious look that will spruce up any living space.

Please note: Only the LHD62 is available for FortisBC rebate

LHD 45 prices starting at: $3,541
LHD 50 prices starting at: $6,533
see-thru: $8,041
LHD 62 prices starting at: $10,651

BTU Input

LHD45 24,000/hr, LHD50 30,00/hr, LHD62 50,000/hr




LHD45 52%, LHD50 56.4%, LHD62 55.3%

LHD45 Dimensions

46 1/4″W x 40 13/16″H x 19 7/8″D


66 1/2″W x 76 1/2″H x 26 1/2″D

Standard with Topaz glass media, LHD 50 available one-sided or see-thru, Electronic ignition, Tempered glass on LHD 45, Ceramic glass on LHD 50 & 62

Napoleon_red-glass-media Napoleon_clear-glass-media Napoleon_blue-glass-media Napoleon_black-glass-media Napoleon_amber-glass-media
Red Glass Clear Glass Blue Glass Black Glass Amber Glass
Napoleon_multi-river-rock-media Napoleon_grey-river-rock-media Napoleon_drift-wood-media-LHD Napoleon_nickel-sticks Napoleon_metal-art-coil
Multi Stones White Stones Driftwood Nickel Stix Metal Coil
Reflective Porcelain
Napoleon_standard-black-surround Napoleon_stainless-steel-surround Napoleon_painted-gloss-black-surround
Traditional Logs Driftwood Fyre-Stone
LHD60 Extras:
Napoleon_california-sun-fluted-brick-panelsLHD62 Napoleon_night-light
California Sun Fluted Liner Night Light