HEARTHSTONE Orion 16 Fireplace

The Orion 16 is a portrait style direct vent gas fireplace. The size of the Orion make it an excellent unit for high traffic areas that don’t have a lot of wall space, particularly the bedroom or kitchen. Heating up to 700 sq.ft, with a weight of only 105lbs, this unit is a powerful unit in s small package.

The unit comes with black glass media, but options include 6 other colours.

Prices starting at: $3,860


7,500 – 13,500/hr

Heating Area

Up to 700 sq.ft


NG/LPG 56.2%


29 3/4″H x 23 1/2″W x 7 3/8″D

Wall-mount, Smart remote control, On-demand ignition system, Secure battery power, Direct vent technology

Hearthstone_steel-grey Hearthstone_stainless-steel Hearthstone_gloss-black Hearthstone_black Hearthstone_combo
Steel Grey Stainless Steel High Gloss Black Satin Black Combo