EcoSmart Aspect Fireplace

The EcoSmart Aspect cleverly refashions the traditional fireplace concept. Clean lines define this simple and stylish rectangular-shaped fireplace, with a clear focus on enhancing the decor of a variety of interiors.

A contemporary fireplace for apartments, houses, offices, bars and restaurants, the Aspect makes an urban design statement and lifts the ambience of any interior. Versatility is paramount, and as a portable, freestanding piece of furniture the Aspect is a popular and well-proven choice for any location.

Prices starting at: $9,745
* Shipping charges my apply.
* Burner kit included.


37.4″H x 45.1″W x 15.4″D

Completely stainless steel firebox cleverly designed with a cut-out to accommodate the EcoSmart ventless Burner.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Available in Standard White

Environmentally friendly

Accessories included: Burner of your choice, Toughened Starfire Glass Wind Screen, 5 Litres Jerry Can, and Lighter & Lighting Rod.