New to our Showroom – October 2015

New to our Showroom – October 2015

We’re always making changes to our showroom, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Here are some of the newest additions that definitely deserve an in-person viewing.

Bell Vertical

Without taking up too much space, the Bell Vertical 3 is a great unit for any space. It is a clean, contemporary design that can transition well into any style or surroundings.

Enviro Westport Steel

We also have the Westport Cast Iron on our website.

The Westport Steel is an updated, or modern take on the traditional look on the Westport Cast Iron. It features the same heating area (1,700sq.ft) and efficiency rating (71%) but comes with a new, updated look.

Jotul Allagash

The Jotul Allagash is a freestanding gas stove that is available as both a b-vent or direct vent, making it a good, versatile option for home heating.

The unit comes standard with a realistic, 3-piece ceramic log set; and like all Jotul products, the burner is constructed of a quality cast iron base mated to a heavy-grade stainless-steel porting plate. Making this quite the heavy-duty, efficient unit.

Lopi Northfield

A little bit on the smaller side, the Northfield is a great unit for heating a large room or medium-sized apartment. The unit doesn’t sacrifice viewing area, with 3 sides of fire viewing area, the unit is sure to dazzle from any position.

Not yet on our website (it’s on the new site – we promise) you can take a look at the brochure and installation manual.

Valor H6

The largest in the Horizon series, the Valor H6 provides a massive fire-view that’s fit for a large space, but because of its’ shallow firebox and tapered corners – the Valor H6 will fit snugly in tight spaces and corners.

Again, not on our site yet, but we have the brochure and installation manual.

L1 long beach media

Okay, the Valor L1 isn’t exactly new to the showroom, but we updated the media, and that has to count for something.

We’re now featuring long beach media, which is a mix of logs and river rocks.

Dare we say that the new look give the L1 a more calm and relaxing feel?

We do.


Be sure to visit us and find out more about these units! If none of these suit your style, we will gladly help you decide what’s best for your home. Or, check out the units we’ve recently retired on our Specials Page.

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