New to our showroom – Dec 2015

New to our showroom – Dec 2015

If it feels like we just got a bunch of new units, we did. We introduced 5 new units back in October, and now we have 7 new units to spend the holidays with.


The Paloma is a free standing gas unit from Heat-N-Glo. It features a rock media black liner. The viewing area is a massive 34 ½”H x 18 ½”W – impressive measurement for a free standing unit.

Free standing, or stove units aren’t exactly known to be contemporary, but Heat-N-Glo strays from the traditional to give us this modern unit that can fit in with most contemporary spaces.

White Jotul 370

We had the Jotul 370 in standard grey, but now we have it in white. Loaded with features like accent lighting, 3 sides of fire viewing, and multiple media options – the Jotul 370 is set to impress.

Amantii Fire & Ice

Amantii has introduced a line on Fire & Ice units; they are available as built-ins, partial built-in, or wall-mounts – this makes it easier for buyers to get what they want and need.

The Fire & Ice series is quite unique to the electric fireplace industry, instead of traditional log media, or crushed glass, the Fire & Ice features large ‘ice bergs’, which makes for quite the interesting sight.

We don’t have the Panorama series on our website yet, but you can still view the brochure.

Amantii WM-BI 2428 VLR

This small unit packs a big punch, with up to 500sq.ft of heating abilities, the unit will effectively heat a large room or small apartment.

Check out the WM-BI brochure.

EFDF Yosemite

Resembling a porthole, this Yosemite unit features a faux coal media, with a mirror for a cool never-ending fire. This unit does not produce heat.

4415 See-Thru

Already available as a one-sided linear, Fireplace Xtrordinair has introduced the 4415 see-thru. Same great features, but now you can enjoy 2,100sq.ft of heating. View the 4415 see-thru brochure.

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