FAQ’s About Fans and the Fireplace

FAQ’s About Fans and the Fireplace

Fans are not as commonly used for gas fireplaces as they once were. Here are a couple of often asked questions regarding fans:

Does a fan make the fireplace more efficient?

No, a fan does not increase the efficiency of a fireplace. Fans are normally not required but do provide air circulation which can speed up the time to get the room up to your desired temperature. Unless you are planning on using this fireplace in a very large room or as your primary heat source a fan is not a necessity.

What else is important to know about fans?

The Valor fireplaces we sell at Vancouver Gas Fireplaces are not made with fans.

All other inserts that we carry come with fans. To run the fans you need to either run electricity to the existing firebox or have a fan cord that runs across the hearth to the nearest electrical outlet in the home.

Some of the inserts that have fans have a battery backup system. These units are designed to operate the fireplace in a power outage. Any fans in fireplaces that operate off your house current will not work in a power outage.

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