FAQ’s About Fireplace Media

FAQ’s About Fireplace Media

You may have noticed we have more than the traditional log sets available for a majority of the products on our website.

Here are some FAQ’s for those interested in fireplace media.

My fireplace has a set of ceramic rocks in it. Can I replace them or move them around?  

If the rocks are placed directly on the burner, or in and around the flame, the fireplace has been tested with those particular rocks in those exact positions. Moving them or replacing them with rocks of different shapes and sizes may negatively affect the fireplace’s overall performance. However, the rocks around the burner footprint – the ones that fill the space at the base of the fireplace – can be replaced or moved around

I have a steel wood stove, brick lined, and doors come off for an open front. It is vented through a chimney. Can I put 18″ gas logs in it?  

Yes, you can install the log set if you leave the doors off to do this procedure.   Some manufacturers have rock style burners and use specifically colored and sized ceramic rocks in the burners. Can these be changed out for other rocks?

In the case of sealed direct vent fireplaces, it is important that the size and placement of the rocks remain approximately the same as recommended by the manufacturer. As long as these criteria are met, the rocks can be replaced with other ceramic rocks of slightly different sizes and colors. With open units, more drastic changes can be made.

Can I change the log set in my zero clearance fireplace or insert fireplace?  

The logs installed in gas fireplaces cannot be altered. The set-up of the logs is specific to the way the burner has been tested and works. Also, if you alter the logs, the warranty is likely to be voided.

Can I do a combination of two types of media?  

While we wouldn’t recommend adding media to a unit designed for one type of media, there are units that have options to have combinations. Such as the Bentley from Marquis by Kingsman. If you’re inquiring about adding or changing media to an older unit come and talk to us about your options. We sell some kinds of glass and rock media in-store.

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