How to Make a Room Cozy for Winter

How to Make a Room Cozy for Winter

How to Make a Room Cozy for Winter

Nothing evokes a sense of coziness like a roaring fireplace. When it comes to snuggling up, the fireplace is most definitely the vital ingredient your space needs to thrive, but it can’t do all the heavy-lifting. Tying in thoughtful design elements and cozy touches, especially in the winter time can allow your home to truly serve as the sanctuary you need it to be.

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Firstly, you’ll want to incorporate some ambient lighting. Your fireplace is key in this step, and as a bonus, most gas fireplaces allow you to control the look of the flame and accent lighting to some degree. Electric fireplaces offer even more flexibility, allowing you to customize the entire look of the flame! Spread this warm lighting throughout the space with candles, lamps or other lighting features.

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Plush Factor

You can also make the space visually inviting by adding soft accessories like throw pillows, blankets and a plush rug. Changing up the textures here can add excitement and enhance the snug factor. Think woolly blankets and fuzzy pillows. You’ll be snug as a bug!

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Amantii Tru-View XL Electric Fireplace in Bright Room featuring Timber and Plush Decor

Natural Materials

Adding timber brings a rustic feel and warmth to the space. Popular in minimalist and scandi design, you can incorporate timber through various elements such as furniture, planters, floating shelves, ornaments or the fireplace mantel itself. We love the look of a hutch to store firewood, adding that cottage chic whilst serving as a practical means of storing your wood. Even if you don’t have a wood fireplace, there are so many creative ways to incorporate this design element, it might be worth pursuing purely for the aesthetic.

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Looks Aren’t Everything

Now, it’s not just about looking cozy but feeling cozy, which means involving all the senses. Your eye can be pleased with the gorgeous decor and warm hues, but what about how you physically feel? Your textured accessories will allow you to feel comfort through the soft fabrics, cuddling up to a blanket and nestling your feet against a soft rug. The closer you sit to the fireplace the more cocooned by it’s warmth you will be. Fireplaces can vary in radiant heat – wood and gas offering the strongest heat with gas having the bonus of being adjustable and more efficient. Electric fireplaces give off less heat so can suit a space that either needs less heat or has an alternative primary heating source.

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All the Senses

So how about the other three senses? If you have a traditional wood burning fireplace or stove, let your ears be mellowed to it’s inviting crackle. Play some chill or soothing music to bring the relaxation. Add some enticing scents to the space to satisfy the nose. You can choose scented candles that double as ambient lighting, burn incense or simmer some oranges on the stove and envelop the space in a sweet aroma. As for taste, well the options are endless. Indulge in some freshly baked goods, soothing soups or a winter cocktail.

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All Set

Incorporating even a few of the tips above, will set you up to cherish your restful winter abode. There are so many options to make a space look cozy, and remembering thoughtful touches to do with sound, smell, touch and taste can make a big difference. After all, cozy is a state of mind. Instead of letting the cold get you down, take the initiative to make your home your haven, and enjoy winter for all it brings. Time to turn on the fireplace and put your feet up.

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