ELEMENT4 Bidore 140 Fireplace

The Bidore 140 is a stunning, frame-less, linear right or left corner fireplace. The trim-less design of glass meeting glass allows a cleaner view of this modern linear corner gas fireplace.

Element 4 fireplaces focus on simple, contemporary design.

Simplicity in construction simplifies installation and maintenance. Simplicity in use guarantees a cozy and warm atmosphere in the home with literally just one push of a button. Finally, simplicity in design results in designs that do full justice to the unique beauty of the fire.

NG BTU Input





5″ x 8″ direct vent

Glass Area

54 5/8″W x 16 5/8″H

Frameless see-through fire, Log set, Heat input, Btu/hr (NG 38,200 LPG 34,100), Flat steel interior and backwall black glass, Remote control and full electronic ignition, Convection opening and access door, Dura-Vent vent size 8″ O.D.

These fireplaces are not true zero clearance, they require very specific clearances to combustibles, and non combustible framing immediately around the fireplace. Please see the installation manual for further information.