DaVinci Fireplaces

DaVinci fireplaces are a modular design that comes in segments measured by feet. They feature a hi-tech air flow system for Safe Touch Glass. These units come single-sided, see-thru, corner unit, or 4-sided glass enclosure. Glass height normally comes in 12″, 20″, 30″ or 36″ but can be adjusted.

Power venting allows for easy unlimited venting configurations and installation in almost any room. Onsite assembly to eliminate space restrictions such as small stairwells or elevators.

Glass media paired with multi-coloured LED lights will make your fire feature a unique experience that you control with a user friendly remote.

The DaVinci is available up to 21′ – contact us for information.

Max. BTU Input

14,500/hr per foot

Glass Height

12″, 20″, 30″ or 36″

LED lights with remote control, Reflective crushed glass floor, Safe touch glass, 1, 2, 3, or 4 glass sides, Power venting for easy installation, Assembled at jobsite to prevent restrictions, Sizes range from 3′ (36″) – 10′ (120″), Outdoor kit available, Choice of liners: black paint finish, silver paint finish, black porcelain enamel, 2″ trim – vintage bronze or iron

Media options available, talk to VGF sales representative

Measurements (click icons to open):
SS-THUMB SeeThru-THUMB RightCorner-THUMB LeftCorner-THUMB
Single Sided See-Thru Right Corner Left Corner
Bay Pier Island