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The EcoSmart® Fire is an Australian innovation - an environmentally friendly open fireplace and one of the first brands of ethanol fueled fireplaces to enter what is now a vastly competitive and growing global market. As with most markets, the solid foundations and product design principles researched and developed by entrepreneurial companies for several years, are quickly piggy backed by companies wishing to cash in on what they see as the next great wave.

EcoSmart® Fire is flue less and does not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply, which makes it ideal for apartment and city living. The EcoSmart® Fuel is a renewable energy (denatured ethanol), it burns clean and is virtually maintenance free. Featuring remarkable design flexibility, the simplicity of the EcoSmart® burner and the modular nature of its design grants consumers with significant versatility and choice. 

Precautionary Note
This message is to all prospective purchasers of an ethanol fueled fireplace: "Mixing fire, dangerous goods and human beings is a serious business, and something The Fire Company takes very seriously. To highlight the key differences between the EcoSmart® Fire and many of the products on the market we have put together a fact sheet for you (Standards, Research & Safety)". We hope that this will provide you with some useful information to make your purchasing decision easier.

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